Crawlspace Watery vapor Barriers — Keeping Moisture in Its Place


Crawlspaces are either damp or not; there is no in between when it comes to crawlspaces. There is more than one way to keep moisture out of a crawlspace, but the discussion will concentrate on watery vapor barriers. Watery vapor retarders are a must in a area that is below grade. Let’s look at what a watery vapor barrier is, the type of watery vapor barrier, and installation procedures.

Many homes that have crawlspaces do not have a watery vapor barrier installed over bare earth. If it is installed, many times it’s not installed correctly. Some homeowners do not totally understand the idea of a watery vapor barrier or what it does. What then is a watery vapor barrier? In short, a watery vapor diffusion retarder is a system designed to keep moisture and/or scents from entering the home. No matter the type of barrier, the only job it has is to keep a crawlspace dry and smell free. In addition, it will likewise inhibit: mold growth, rotting joists and considerable moisture damage

The most economical method of installing a barrier is to cover Relx the entire crawlspace floor with plastic sheeting and have that covered with small stones. When installing the viz-queen, each section of sheeting should overlap each other about 6 to 12 in .. When installing on piers and walls, the cover should also be at the 6 to 12 inch height on the object. There should not be any holes around piers or when installing it in the wall. After the sheeting has been installed, the pea tiny rocks should then be installed to a depth of a minimum of 6 in ..

There are three main types of watery vapor barriers: plastic sheeting with pea tiny rocks, encapsulation, and concrete. As mentioned above, utilizing plastic sheeting with pea gavel is the most economical. It is, of course, prone to be installed incorrectly and at times individuals disturb it leaving holes in more than one areas.

The second type of watery vapor barrier is encapsulation and is considered a much better method than plastic sheeting and small stones. Here the entire crawlspace is exemplified with a high quality fabric, including the walls. All seams are sealed with a special sealant so there will not be holes if someone enters the crawlspace and moves the barrier.

Lastly, is concrete on to the ground. This is the best and most reliable type of system, and it is the most costly. After the floor is properly prepared, the concrete is then installed either by mechanical means or by hand adding the concrete via wheel barrows. It is then smoothed out, in the same as a footpath or entrance.

If you do have a crawlspace in your home, it’s best to check if there is a properly installed watery vapor barrier. If there isn’t one installed, then one should be. It can save you from costly repairs down the road.

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