What Makes a Fitted Kitchen Perfect?


If you could have the perfect kitchen, what would it look like and what would you have in it? Mine would have to be big, big enough to have all the workings of a proper kitchen and also space for a table and chairs so that we could sit and have breakfast or just enjoy a cup of tea and a cake at elevenses. I also like fitted kitchens where the appliances are hidden behind doors that match the rest of the cabinets. I prefer real wood in a sort of honey colour, but it really depends on what the rest of the kitchen is like and what the lighting is like. It would not be a good idea to have a very dark finish in a small dark kitchen, it would look like a cave and would not be very inviting or inspiring.

To get some ideas, you could start by looking at magazines, television programmes and on the internet. You may have an idea of your own that you would like to use, however if you are a bit stuck or find too much choice, there are many companies that offer a complete design and build service. The size and shape of your kitchen will determine what sort of kitchen design you will be able to have and how it will be laid out. Having a fitted kitchen makes the most of the space you have available and allows you to have the most storage space you can. If you are completely refurbishing your kitchen, there are some very good deals to be had when it comes to appliances for your Fitted kitchens and you can have a really good quality kitchen for a reasonable budget. You can have as many or as few units as you want and you can build around what your requirements are.

The best thing about a fitted kitchen is that you can customise your kitchen and everything fits well together and all the pieces look the same. Kitchens with free standing furniture tend not to be so roomy and can look a bit odd if the pieces don’t match properly, plus with free standing furniture you will have to pull it all out from time to time to clean behind it. Whereas with fitted furniture you don’t have that added chore. Your fitted kitchen will be a reflection of your personality and will be unique, even if you us a mass produced style. Fitted kitchens also have the benefit of having nice easy care worktops. It is always good to spend as much as you can on this, as cheap ones will very soon start to look scruffy and chipped.

Buying a good quality fitted kitchen means it will last for many years and remain in good condition if it is properly looked after. Do your research and choose a reputable company from whom to buy your fitted kitchen. Make sure they listen to what you want and take advice from them, after all they are experts and are there to help you.

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